Tresa Electro Mechanical adopts a simple and unique approach to the way it conduct itself in the marketplace. The business philosophy is distinct, in that the company is committed to working in a non – confrontational way with Clients to achieve best business solutions for the benefit of both parties. The company will commit itself to develop long term trusting relationship, earned by actual performance. As an organization we understand the value of honoring the commitment in business. We work towards the same and we put all our efforts in having this followed by all our Employees and our Contractors to fulfill the Promises provided to our Clients. Tresa Electro Mechanical Commercial Air-Conditioning (2007 – 2008), our goal aims at Total Customer Satisfaction by delivering world class products and services as per the commitments uttered to our valued customer. We make and honor the following promises to our Clients: We will be open and honest in our dealings with you, we will not exaggerate the nature or extent of problems found to exist, nor invent problems that don't exist. We will be available for contact 24 hours a day. Our telephones will be answered out of hours. We will treat you with respect and, through our dealings, expect to receive the same in return.

Why Choose Us?

 Complete supply and installation of Air Handling Unit ducting all insulation & grills diffuser for office spares.

 Precise temperature & humidity center for critical areas like server rooms, telecommunication marks & switch rooms.

 Monitoring & Controlling Co2 level in air containing space, providing odour free clean working environment.

 Centralized air conditioner for office spaces with DX systems.

 Centralized air conditioner for office spaces with DX systems.

 Variable air volume units for event distributions de humidified air.